Test BrainHex: Mastermind-Daredevil

Mansfeld na swoim blogu umieścił wynik swojego testu BrainHex. Jemu wyszło Achiever-Seeker, czyli kolekcjoner-eksplorator. Ja natomiast przejawiam zupełnie inne podejście, a mianowicie:

Your BrainHex Class is Mastermind.

MastermindDaredevil Your BrainHex Sub-Class is MastermindDaredevil.

You like solving puzzles and devising strategies as well as rushing around at heights or high speed while you are still in control.

Each BrainHex Class also has an Exception, which describes what you dislike about playing games. Your Exceptions are:

» No Mercy: You rarely if ever care about hurting other players’ feelings – mercy is for the weak!
» No Fear: You do not enjoy feeling afraid, preferring to feel safe or in control.

Learn more about your classes and exceptions at BrainHex.com. Czytaj dalej